40 Team Outdoor Pond Hockey Tournament

The pond hockey tournament will take place on Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3rd at the Batawa Community Centre on 6 outdoor rinks.

The tournament format is as follows:

  • 40 Team Round Robin
  • 3 Half-Hour Games Guaranteed
  • Canadian Pond Hockey Rules Apply
  • 4-on-4 Action
  • 8 Players Per Team (4 Spares)
  • All goals must be scored from the “attacking” side of the blue line, as verified by the off-ice official. Give the opposing team half the ice after a goal.
  • Shinguards are recommended

Two divisions to choose from!

This year’s tournament features both competitive and non-competitive divisions


We are in it to win it! A bigger trophy and prize!


We are here to have a good time, raise some money for a good cause and are OK with a smaller prize for winning!

How to Sign Up

Registration for 2019 is closed.

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